About debtTrackr

debtTrackr is an online web app that helps you get out of debt faster through the power of accountability. debtTrackr allows you to share your account balances with those you choose; preferribly those who will lift you up and keep you accountable for the debt that you owe and the emergency savings account that has been neglected for far too long.

Decrease Debt & Start Adding To Your Savings!

Not sure how much debt you owe? Does your spouse handle the finances and you're just not sure how much savings or debt you have? debtTrackr is here to help with your financial uncertainty.

Safe & Secure

We Will NOT...
  • Integrate with your bank account or credit cards
  • Ask for your account numbers, SSN, address, phone #, last name, or other personal info
We Will Do Our Best To...
  • Keep your account secure by following OWASP security standards
  • Be clear and concise in all our communications to you

All information your enter into debtTrackr is manually and voluntarily input by you, the user. No data is pulled from financial institutions, so you can rest assure that debtTrackr will not compromise those accounts in any way.

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